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i went to a wikipedia picnic today with fordmadoxfraud to participate in a gathering of like-minded intellectual anarchists. there was a bit of a clusterfuck with the trains getting there, mostly from me being unable to distinguish the actual names of my train stations. i said "seventh street (7th st)" which doesn't make any kind of sense at all, but in the end, it worked out just fine. the location was the great lawn of central park, which sure cuts quite a skyline, as we took note. spending several hours discussing all kinds of wikipedia-related topics with fellow editors puts a spring in a gentleman's step! the sparkles in our cluster were invertzoo, thinboy00, & david shankbone, or as i will always think of him, "anus by david shankbone." there were many others who contributed to the conversation, but i didn't remember their usernames. the demographics of the meet-up were interesting in some regards, but also fairly expected in others. for insteance: whitesville, caucasia, with a peppering of asian. like i said: about what you'd expect there. it wasn't just pear-shaped men, though, which was interesting, nor was it all college age, as i would have guessed. though that demographic was represented disproportionately, one of the people i mentioned above were was in their early teens, another in their late fifties (50s), & there were plenty of older professors & tech folk. more kids would have come, but...their parents didn't approve? "oi, what are you doing, fucking off writing an encyclopedia! you little fucker!"

my favorite conversation can be paraphrased thus: "you know the royal society? well, they offer the archives of their journal, but each download costs two dollars ($2). in december, though, they made their content available for free in an advertising gambit, so i downloaded it. all of it. about two hundred & forty thousand dollars worth ($240,000). all of it before nineteen oh eight (1908) is public domain, but the stuff from oh eight (1908) & twenty-three (1923) is tricky with international copyright law. anyhow, lets get to work transcribing it & cutting the art out, eh?"

like i said, intellectual anarchists. fun.

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