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wikipedia picnic now.

pressing through the mine fields of north korea, rain falling from the clouds in black & blue, dappling us in bruises. from the top of cheomseongdae i spot out a tiny little bamboo shack with a corrugated tin roof; radioing back to kira & nino to rendezvous there, jenny & i crawl across a barbed wire no-man's land towards it. inside, we all laugh about nino not having hair until he was three years old, we argue over who has to have the boy child, we slurp down kimchee & thick soy noodles.

neil gaiman asked me to see stardust opening weekend, & by golly i did. hiked over to the matinée showing at the pavilion & i liked it. the whole "the next princess bride" word of mouth is a bit of hyperbole, but the scuttlebutt about de niro being adorable? is spot on. as jenny put it, for what an over-actor he is, he really wasn't offensive (in a role that easily could have been). they did change the end? well, they changed a lot of things, but sometimes that is just fine. you know, often being willing to muck about in the details makes the transformation from print to film much easier. the changed end was an easy segue into "happily ever after" but i vastly prefer the end present in the original story. claire danes was a good yvain (i like her as an actress despite finding her generally loathsome), the guy playing tristan had a good transformation, & generally, well, i very much liked it. i wish it was a little more "goblin market" but so it goes.

we eventually dragged ourselves along with ranai & fordmadoxfraud over to tamisevens party in the more northernly province of brooklyn, & met up with littlewashu outside. it was basically a swarm of internet, but i only recognized (& then befriended) prettykate really. bar-b-que was consumed, as were all manner of cocktails (because i will mix any two things together to see how they do).

then kerry drove our sleepy asses home!

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