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castle waiting by linda medley.

i am rather pleased with this! i got it solely on the basis of a poster i collected at book expo, a poster which i picked up three copies of solely on the basis of "doctor fell," a plague doctor. i certainly do very much like those creepy, beaky motherfuckers, anyone can tell you that. so it was with some trepidation that i started to read this volume, thinking the odds of it living up to the poster were grim; after all, a poster is not the best judge of a book. i do like to support good advertising, though, so i had little choice but to purchase it. the moral of the story? it is a very nice piece of writing, & it uses the format very well (i knew i liked it when the devil blew someone up & the explosion was drawn like an upside-down pentacle). there is a strong sort of "liberal christianity" theme running through it, but not offensively so. &, true to form, doctor fell was easily my favorite character, all running around making people take mysterious medicines & talking all spooky. this kind of sits at the venn overlap between sandman & bone, & i think everyone can agree that is a solid ground to build your castle on.
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