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sometimes i think about feyerabend.

so, not really completely apropos of the subject (but somewhat), i've been thinking that discredited models of thinking should have some representation in texts. i'm not talking creationism so much (though that does get mentions in most texts, already) but that is the kind of thing i mean. you know, crystal spheres, that kind of thing. you find it hiding here & there...spontaneous generation, geocentric models, those popularly available models. i'm for it, as it shows students of basic studies that there are a lot of good ideas, but the elegance of an idea doesn't necessarily correlate to correctness. moreover, it shows the methods of science, as research programs are discarded in favor of other models (see, i told you i was kind of relating it to feyerabend! well, more kuhn, but i'm acting as a proponent of conflicted models, too!). then of course there is the fact that a better informed populace, on such subjects as the humanities, & artful sciences, produce a popular culture with greater depths, which results in better jokes & stuff. come on!

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