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samurai don't.

another case i've been considering- police & privilege. there is a certain swagger of entitlement, you know? cops expect you to be the one who flinches aside when they are walking down the street. they expect you to be polite & show them your belly. don't actually have to. which leads to the abuse of power. how do the police seize the respect & power they feel entitled to? well, by threats & force; implied, latent, & otherwise. you know that if you disagree with a cop you bite your tongue, right? because, well, if you piss that cop off, he will act outside of his authority to "deal" with you. he will, instead of ticketing you for a broken tail-light, decide to really read you the riot act & ticket you for anything he can think of off the top of his head. which, sure, is pretty corrupt, but there are plenty of worse things he could do. he might do. he's already dehumanized by that uniform (i heart uniforms), you know? you don't see him as a person, he doesn't see himself as a person. which is good, he shouldn't be a person. but he shouldn't be corrupt.

the solution here is again, samurai. rather than get tangled up trying to create watchdog organizations, or oversight, which creates a feedback circle succinctly summed up with quis custodiet ipsos custodes?. i think a vastly superior solution is to provide privilege, contingent upon duty. allow for actual responsibility; a startling suggestion! rigorous education standards seem a good way to start, with commensurate pay. give police a law background, among other things. make them actual justice agents. call me crazy, but having educated, competent police would be a simple fix to a lot of problems, including the police themselves. providing skilled police, or samurai, benefits in more ways than simple crime prevention, too, right?
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