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lets see; first thing i managed to accomplish yesterday was lugging some books to the local used book shops to shill them to the owner. he hadn't planned on taking any of them, but ended up taking more than half. mind control pumpkin'ed. the shop next door took some as well, & while i was there the girl selling used books along with me was a'flirt. picked up some bagels & then jenny & i went into manhattan; stopped by pearl river mart, which i never had been to. it was exactly as i expected, as anyone could expect a chinese import store to be. we walked over to the evolution store next, where we almost got into a fight. stubborn, frustrating jenny wouldn't pull her fucking camera out so i could take a picture of a raccoon penis bone to help put some flesh on the rather skimpy stub on wikipedia. after that we swung by the taschen store to drool over books. then it was a quick bite to eat at dojo's, & i ate all the mint in my drink.

we also went to go see sunshine the new danny boyle science-fiction film. i quite liked it a lot. i liked it with that sort of feeling where all you have to say about it is complaints, because all of the things that were done correctly were done so seamlessly that it all blends into a whole. i liked how spliced frames of the crew of icarus 1 were used to generate a feeling that we knew anything about the ship. i liked the music was absolutely fantastic? okay, you get the point. i liked it. so now i can mention that i think the film would have been better served as a hard SF film. i mean, if the theme of your movie is that space is vast & inimical to life, why turn back the crank on the sheer horror of it? i.e. that guy wouldn't be fine after the jump, or that other guy wouldn't have burned slow enough to scream, or so forth. i'm totally willing to let the premise slide because, well, suspension of disbelief is meant to flex around a premise, but other plot points were kind of jarring. like- why not do a instead of b? how can x be, if y? don't let these little doubts deter you, though; it was pretty good, & he steals about half of his shots directly from 2001.

eventually we went over to andrew's apartment for some party he was throwing; we were the first ones there, because, uh? that is when we got that. i had a good time, which, i don't know, i was kind of prepared to have a crappy time. not expecting one, just prepared. lauren was very off-put, very uncomfortable, but i tried to engage her a few times, to some effect. marcie was the star of my party (jenny, the sun) & we'll see if operation friends for life works out. see, i like playing that game, where you actually try to make the creature you spent all night talking to into your friend. maybe i like it because it is such an impossible game. i mean, how many emails have you never gotten? just about a million. eventually, it was time for us to slug home, hump home, all camels thirsty in the desert.

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