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wild worlds by alan moore & various artists.

a collection of alan moore's one-offs for the wildstorm universe, this is the sort of thing you can pass up without feeling too bad about, even though it is "the" alan moore. his other collection, across the universe is pretty great, especially the green lantern stuff, so i was hoping that same sort of gemstone would sparkle here, but it instead is comprised of "high concept" wildstorm stuff. lets see, you've got a spawn/wildc.a.t.s cross-over that is just absolutely phoned in; then you've got a majestic story that is actually sort of decent, if a bit banal in the details; that is followed by a voodoo story which a) i disagree with the interpretations of the loa in, & b) hate fucking voodoo for being a moron; then a deathblow story which might have been better if i knew more about deathblow? i liked it alright, but again, sort of uses high concept as an excuse to be lazy; & then it closes with a bit of tao/wildc.a.t.s stuff that i actually sort of liked, but then, mostly because i liked brubaker's sleeper. yeah, for such a tome, i'd give it a pass; if you were going to pick through it, the majestic story is worthwhile (moore can write a superman pastiche well) & the deathblow story is cute enough. whatever you do, avoid the spawn-wildc.a.t.s thing at the begining, though; blech. the one good moment in it is the identity of the future zealot; other than that, though? rubbish.

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