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harley & ivy by dini, winick, timm, chiodo, del carmen, glines.

fan-fucking-tastic. a wriggling piece of green in a jester's hat. the harley & ivy team up is the sort of thing that happened so organically that you can't help but like it. poison ivy has been my number two villain in gotham city since day one, with only harley quinn's dear mister j topping the list above her. a comedy rag about the two of them just fits the bill so well. this isn't comedy of the sort of mad style found in emperor joker, but rather a much more charming abbot & costello. i've agreed before with the sentiment that not all comics should be serious, that there is a lot of room for various storytellings. heck, i liked sam kieth's batman: secrets run. anyhow, this harley & ivy rag also partakes of the good-fun cheesecake that heads like gail simone have gotten a handle on. i mean, it is certainly gratuitous, which only makes it better; give me these girls as a pin-up any day of the week. i was pretty florid in my head as i fell asleep last night after finishing this with how i was going to describe it; i may have lost that, but i gained this: it is as good after having slept on it as it was out the gate.
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