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my thing is...where was indrid cold, or his allies? there has to have been some mothman type action going on; was it just under the radar? were people at least listening to the numbers stations? just sloppy science. everyone i know in minnesota has checked in though, all with "i take that bridge every day!" or "my in-laws missed the collapse by fifteen minutes (:15)!" stories. which leaves us back at: the mothman. but a lot more stuff can be traced to the mothman than you'd think at first blush. i was sort of a little worried about theresa, but not much; i mean, you can't focus a magnifying glass down on something like that, but i didn't get confirmation till this morning.

yesterday was a bit of a wash; i went home totally expecting to get my shit together, went so far as to put my gym pants on, but then the bundle of sticks we call my skull came a bit apart. i headed it off at the pass a little by deciding to write some stuff for the promethean two-shot i am going to run, but still, in the end i remained housebound. took a little of it out on jenny by just being a relentless brat. we did watch room 401, which makes the ashton kutcher alternate reality game kind of obvious as a viral marketing ploy. whatever, it is just the right kind of awful to be great. mister kutcher, you are an okay producer. then i kicked & fussed a little more.

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