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a lot of my interest in comics was generated rather late in the game. it started in high school with neil gaiman's sandman & then sort of slunk around the edges for a long time. it wasn't until working at a bookstore gave me nearly unlimited comic access that it had its renaissance. i'm explaining this so that my sudden enthusiasm for the metal men doesn't come completely out of left field. see, what little exposure i did have to comic books growing up was sneaking into my mother's secret stash of comic books from her childhood, & reading them when i was home from school pretending to be sick. that is why old horror comics, or the human bomb, or any other number of sort of forgotten nook & cranny types appeal to me; i actually had a participation in their language, albeit in the most hand-me-down of fashions. so yeah, i'm very excited about the metal men, & the first issue i thought was very promising & i went & ordered a couple of collections of their old stuff & well, maybe i am going to be a metal man kind of guy. as a cherry on top, it looks like a lot of the themes of white wolf's promethean are going to be present here as well; geez i sure do like alchemy, golems, & robots when they are pushed into wacky situations!
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