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then last night for more of the grind that we call friendship! the horrible mill stone crushing one & all alike. woe for mankind & angels, woe for manking & angles. another video shoot with ravenface, mad satanic genius that he is, beardful of brimstone todd ravenface, unholy merchant of heck. he tells me where to crouch like most precious gollum & how to leap & break the bones of captured birds. this episode has also appearances by fordmadoxfraud, who is himself a scholar of the greeks & the romans, & like them has adopted a cruel & warlike demeanor towards his foes in carthage. a gentleman with the name of scooter, whom i have previously met in other Professional Capacities, was there to discuss mooncalves & venusian swamps, though it was i who had the honeyed lips from which "cando, tagish lake, tunguska" were ever at my beck & call. beak & call, for these lips are little more than bony scissors meant to chop away at flesh & nuts. all our antics in regards to the films cloverleaf, thirty dark days at the north pole, of, & also others were captured onto a motion picture reel by onionist, & we then retired for cocktails.

it was not to be a gentleman's game for long, however, as shortly the saloon "dusk" whence we had absconded was invaded by a lady of my earlier acquaintance, roxanne. a few stiff drinks in our belly & then we fragmented as surely as the many broken mirrors what adorned the lavish decor of the lounge. david & scooter retired home, simon went to pick up a digital recording of our filming, & then to rendezvous with us later. which left ashley, roxanne & myself to dare the wilds; we went down to a local "village" to meet my affianced & the maiden carla maria, fair & true, along with dashing coney island scoundrel & roustabout, robert. along the way, i gave a fonzarelli "aay" to a comedian of some report. we had found it! the famous hungarian opium den, "keybar," & fell to filling our bellies with sauce. lychee, zygolychee, blood orange, huckleberry, all sort of savage land sweets! reconsidering roxanne, i found i liked her; she told me once when her ankle was caught in train tracks as one of those iron horses barreled towards us, i took the opportunity to steal her shoes & throw them from a bridge. that sounds like the mordicai i know, & thus must be a true anecdote, though i have no memory of it, nor of any "falling out." she insists! carla & robert took their leave, & then i said: roxanne & ashley, you should make out, & it was so. simon arrived, jenny left; much like a game of "texas hold 'em", i'm told. a flop, a river, so forth. make the best hand you can! when the gang, arms around one another, sallied forth to go sing merry songs, i begged my leave, fearing the threat of being shanghaied.

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