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i've been a social dragonfly while i was at it; a social mosquito? growing up in turgid water, sucking blood. fits the bill. saturday after some clusterfucking with the bus i met the original video animation known as rbl after knowing him on internet for half a dozen years or something. we chilled our heels at the farm drinking their mysterious ginger moostomies or whatever they are called--they were concerned they couldn't make them for us without slaughtering a fresh watermelon? what the fuck is in those things? & like servents of babylon we discussed real estate, & then went to a store full of bones. seriously, i'm pretty excited about evolution store & would very much like a neanderthal skull as a gift (along with the codex seraphinianus & the voynich manuscript, for those with score cards). jenny also seems pretty invested in me pointing out that i masculine head nodded with noted fashion photographer nigel barker, but i was mostly interested in that he said he's been signed through cycle fourteen (14). anyhow, we grabbed chow at dojo's (did you know the one on saint mark's is closed? rumor says for renovation, though) & then ducked over to a store to return some clothes, then the splitting of ways was had.

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