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essentially at random.

The Pylons of the astral plane exist as both thought-constructs created by the Grigori, & as pre-ordained celestial mechanics; such is the essentially fluid nature of starlight. The Bridges, however, exist only as artificial constructs, & in the lacunae of any caretaker, have crumbled to the sorry state the remain in. As the astral constructs are partly an absence, or at least polarization, of the spectral aether, dark things prowl. Take care, traveler!

The House With One Thousand Rooms follows an essential cosmological understanding of heaven, while at the same time being cast in the grip of utter terror & nothingness. The horror of No Place is that of creeping understanding; a state foreign to any framework. Rumors that the Oubliette surrounds a center, that there is a true heaven at the center of the Labyrinth, should be taken with a grain of salt. Salt, proof in most folktales against vampires, faeries, & Old Nick.

The Solar Typhon holds all the worlds in its grip, holding them in torrents of roaring, radiant light. It is only the Firmament of the Spheres (those that have them, such as Urth's Ys) that keep the generative energy of the Sun from becoming the mutagenic doom of Red. Worlds such as Urth & Green flourish, while Etegrim & Suik flounder. Alas for Marth, long broken!

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