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slow river by nicola griffith.

i was saving this book for a rainy day; keeping one unread nicola griffith book in case of emergency. when always came out, i decided that was enough of an umbrella, so this was waiting in the wings for just the right moment to leap out. to be honest, it took me a long time to get into it; it was rough going there at the begining. nicola's power dynamics are...interesting. you have the assertive, powerful characters, like aud torvingen; you also have the lost, small characters like lore & the protagonist of ammonite. the latter tend to grow into the former, but there is also a couple-dom aspect, a dominant & submissive if you like. really, i think there is a teacher & pupil dynamic, even if it gets subverted over the course of the story. as i said, it took a while for me to really start moving though the text, but eventually, something caught. i shouldn't be surprised...i really, really like nicola griffith. the whole aspect of the story revolving around revelation, around plot being shown to us disjointed in time? i thought wasn't needed, was a little too easy, but then, i've been spoiled by gene wolfe. i didn't like this as much as some of her other works, but still, once the momentum is built it really becomes a good novel.
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