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more from lets pretend.

so i am kind of rooting for the colour-coded space corps in the dc comics universe. i mean, right now they've got the whole "sinestro corps" thing going on, & i really am liking the event, against all expectations. & then recently they had the whole star sapphire thing re-evaluated by the zamorans, which leaves us with the green lanterns using willpower, the sinestro corps using fear, & the star sapphires using love, or something. there is the intimation that there are more to come, & reference to some nebulous "prophecy." me, i've said that the outer space situation of the dcu could use some firming up, & frankly, i like the idea of colour coded space shit. it has a kind of cheesy but mythic feel to it that i think vibes, if you don't make it too gross. i'm guessing maybe blue beetles (& i still think james was right when he said lady styx was involved there) & i don't know...something to do with vega maybe? the manhunters as well, might make sense? anyhow, it is difficult to guess in a universe where parallax & ion are incorporeal space whales.
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