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more fourth edition cosmology tweaks. i just have these little notions every so often, right, & they aren't so much the sort of thing i can recycle for my game 'verse (by the way, lets all keep saying "'verse" because of joss whedon, okay?). i really like certain elements of dungeons & dragons legendarium, & i think that drawing on that, elaborating on that, is a strong direction for the product to go in. most of the resonant mythology, however, is focused on adversaries. you've got guys like graz'zt or strahd, mindflayers, liches & drow, whatever. so when i start a-thinkin', i usually start trying to work out a "fix" for the upper planes (& the yugoloths, but that is neither here nor there at this present moment).

my new pitch is: angels. part of the pleasure of the devils & demons is that while they participate in judeo-christian folklore, they go beyond it to carve out their own niche. angels should have the same work put into them, & i think i've got my pitch in that regard: celestial mechanics. the most interesting angels in the dnd cosmology are the astral deva, the planetar, & the solar, right? who gives a crap about hound archons & shit. anyhow, planetar & solar? what the hell is that? those are interesting guys, right there. angels, sure, but...a planetar? i don't know they history of them through & through, but i like the terminology. so: how about one planetar per planet? one solar per solar system (heliocentric or geocentric, who cares). suddenly you've got your angels doing something besides being monsters to summon. devils can fuck off wasting time tempting mortals, demons can brutalize the innocent, but angels have jobs too; they have to make sure the planets don't collide, & they have to protect their charges from the infernal, as well. space angels! what could be better.

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