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what the fuck is the matter with humans? my specific quarrel today is with: the subway. how is the subway still a surprise to fucking people? "oh shit, there is a turnstyle here! i better stand in front of it & fumble with my sausage fingers in my purse for my metrocard! i wish i had known ahead of time that i would need my metrocard, but they are so mysterious about things! i thought i might ride on the fantasy unicorn train that doesn't cost anything!" & even worse are the leisure walkers. there is a train at the bottom of the fucking stairs you fucking idiot, stop walking in the middle of the path with your hands in your pockets! if you arn't going to hurry, at least get to one fucking side! & don't fucking stop on the other side of the turnstyle to put your metrocard away! you may not understand the concept of a bottleneck, but that is because everytime there is one, it is you!. fucking idiots. anyhow, my vitrol is somewhat quenched since my store was just over-run by a bunch of kids who seemed, for all their semi-annoying kid-ness ("oh, this book is about animals having sex! this one is titled 'why men love bitches!") they seemed to actually like books, & plus were so charmingly multi-cultural (kid in a haile selassie t-shirt?) that it was kind of fun.
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