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tenacious d & the pick of destiny would have been a whole lot better if the "Greatest Song in the World" had in fact been totally sweet. i mean, i know you can't force yourself to be brilliant & create a single to rival your other big single, but i really hoped (once i figured out where the movie was going) that they would. they didn't, though. crocodile tears! for a minute i thought the movie might join the ranks of the severly under-appreciated movies that jenny & i champion. the very first song? is pretty great. meatloaf plays jack black's dad & duets about the evils of rock & roll? then dio (on his poster) tells him to run away from home? that is pretty rock opera great. then later jack black gets beat up by...alex & his droogs? after that though, there isn't really any more brilliance, though it was funny enough i suppose. oddly enough, the problem with the film was the same problem x-files: fight the future had: it was just a two hour (2:00) long episode of the television show.

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