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sunday's game was very enjoyable! i havn't gotten to play in like, two months, so that might account a little, but really just mike getting on his game. he seems to have taken my advice to heart, & really gone ahead & made the elements of his game that are his strong suit (planar wackiness, a la sigil) central to his oisos myth. his whole leviathan/behemoth/ziz versus dragon/turtle/unicorn/phoenix angle is very interesting; he also took the demiurge thing in my direction, which is fine & well, i am just saying that is what he did. my character is entwined with james' character, & we have both been pretty effectively "outted" in the first session...for the best, since my last campaign was so player-secret heavy. he is playing the young prince of the island archipelago, out on a mission mandated by the parliament against the wishes of the crown; he is incognito. mike has taken to heart my advice again on another key matter: i maintain that the best way to include nobility in a dnd game is to make the nobles aasimar. players are too heavily indoctrinated by the state, & consider democracy the only valid governing system. making the nobles measurably better assuages that, i think. my character, on the other hand, is the similarly incognito vizier to the prince; i am a sallow, hunchbacked, crooked of spine, & still stand an akward 6'6" tall, a silly top hat perched on my head, a jacket within a jacket, & rose-tinted glasses with a jewelers eyepiece set askance, carrying a tall caduceus, with a falchion at my waist. in truth i am a golden skinned angel, 7'8" tall, four arms, a third eye, & peacock feathered wings. the caduceus is a tall sheath; the wings are the hilt of a giant greatsword with a hidden tube within the blade filled with mercury. it is a ray i caught from the sun as it sank on the last world. i am tishtrya spenta mainyu the emmanation of the serpents, the gnostic angel.

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