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for real this time.

harry potter & the deathly hallows by j.k. rowling.

no kidding, my predictions were pretty much spot on. the book is actually pretty golden after the 500th page; before that there is still harry/hermione/ron are angsty/closeminded/douchey which by now i think everyone can agree is a big fat yawn. after page five-hundred, though, harry actually makes a fucking decision for the first time in the history of the series. snape didn't get enough of a good shake, but everything was in order enough to keep me from having a problem. i was actually in the middle of the snape situation when bernie came to the store to visit, & i had to wait till he went home to finish it up. artificial suspense! the death count is pretty much where you would expect; nothing shocking, but also sort of unflinching. the deathly hallows themselves were slipped into the continuity without so much as a ripple; that sort of backwards retconning (if that is what it was; it might have been legitimate planning, that is how good the insertion was) is right up my alley. also in my neck of the woods is the dumbledore treatment; though the harry-potter-is-doubting angle was milked, milked, milked. like i said, i had predicted a lot of it; it all carried through in roughly the form i'd spoken to previously, in most ways. the best part, hands down, was the epilogue; none of your questions are answered, & it leaves you satisfied. of course, i was kind of drunk when i read it. the draco thing could have had a better pay-off, on his end, but whatever! slytherin still didn't get a fair shake, but like i said, the epilogue really made things better. & for once, harry defeated the bad guy by being a better wizard.
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