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i am going to roast today; i am not going to be comfortable at all. holy crap. first, i'm old & too fat for my suit (thanks for nothing, lazy ass!) & well, on top of that, wearing a suit around in the summer is, it turns out, a fucking retarded idea. i'm glad i decided on taking a cab to the botanical garden; i was being silly to consider any other method of transit. i sort of had figured that i'd go over with nino, since he was going to get ready here, but that was nixed, leaving me on my own. lonesome! maybe the solution to all my woes is to stop being a baby & complaining about them! i can't really decide if i should just put the suit on & be early, or if i should kill time for a half-an-hour (:30) before calling the car service. golly, this play-by-play time wasting sure if extra exciting! plus jenny has been bickering with me all morning, which is stupid, because i'm a good boyfriend. a great boyfriend! i got the hair flowers...& MADE COFFEE! i'm doc holiday in this okay corral! also, i put some no-frizz hairspray in my hair because i was told to. which is gross.

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