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“Hello? I just picked up ___ which are as far as I can tell, sugar covered flowers to go in Kara's hair. I'm not really sure if that's what they are. But if I look at them too hard, maybe something disastrous will happen. It's kind of windy. So I'm just trying to keep everything tucked away safe & sound so as not to be personally responsible for disaster. And apart from that, I am just going to have a morning of preparation cos today is Kara's wedding. And I have to, I don't know, shave & go to the botanical garden. It's another responsibility. It doesn't sound like it is. Look I've even got this hair ___ responsibility. ___ the mail of honor, so I'm gonna be there by myself. And I don't know what you want from me. This? What's the thing? ___ this Sat to get so smug about it? Man? Nothing. Nothing. You're sitting on your fat ass, you're eating your frosted, sugary cereals, your cookie crisps & & your apple jacks whatever it tastes like apples. You fucken punk.”

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