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my time has been sort of eaten up by being under the weather; i go to bed early & when i am awake, i spend my time sipping tea & watching the world series of pop culture & reading a bit. very little else, i'm afraid. tuesday, when i first felt that i was coming down with something, was danielle's birthday; we got together at union hall with joe & jenny, liam the genius & some other cat who only could talk about old books. at least they were decent old books, like milton & melville, but i'm the sort of guy that doesn't much respect the notion of not reading any modern authors. maybe respect is the wrong word; it didn't piss me off, but rather just limited our shared vocabulary. its cool to be into old things; you might want to be, i guess. he had heard of m.a.r. barker (when we were listing "what i've read lately"). weirdly, danielle just texted me this moment to ask if i disliked him! naw. he was fine, just not entirely my cup of tea, though i like to expand my palate now & then. after we left the bar, we headed back to my place, just me, jenny, danielle & ford. we had a few more drinks (mordicai's brain: "this isn't helping you not be sick!") & hung out till the wee hours. that was basically the last thing i did, besides a little choice larceny, but you'll find out about that soon enough, dear diary.

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