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since arrival home it has been...laid back? i guess. you coil a telephone cord up, it gets tangled. unless you unwind it? i guess. sloppy buckets here & there, though. you've got some worms in the dirt, they chew it up & shit it back out; that is supposed to be nice for dirt. i kind of feel like dirt? i guess. or really more a rusty robot. there we go; we've found a (rusty) nail to hang the painter's wire on. maybe i should just delete all this & start with "i am a rusty robot." really, really rusty, you have to understand; not mistreated but instead ancient, left by, i don't know, tezcatlapoca. i guess. we've been watching television, but there is only shit on; i mean, i'm glad to watch the world series of pop culture, but there arn't any real shows on this summer; even the simple life is a ghost haunting the ruin of its former self. everybody at work was laid off, leaving fordmadoxfraud, kromelizard, & myself as the only worker bees, besides the occasional buzz-in. time to search for greener pastures; a skill i'm not that adept at. i've been using the crawdad model! by which i say: writhing in a bucket. then jenny fell down the stairs! spooky jenny.

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