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monster manual 5

okay, whatever. a lot of these monsters are just yawn, yawn, yawn, but a couple gems are in here, like they weird blobby prismatic spraying guy. it also has junkers like the burrow root (generic plant monster) & magmacore golems (really, just the name bugs me). there are some almost interesting things done with the hobgoblins here, but it gets away from the quasi-samurai image that has sort of sprung up in fanon, & it also builds a couple of hobs without telling us how they did it. boo! the real crux of the book is the mindflayers of thoon, thoon being a religion/philosophy/science. first: thoon should just be incorporated into ilithid portrayals. it is a good word, & there was a line in some spelljammer product (spidermoon?) that refered to the ilithid junk as being incomprehensibly blended from religion/philosophy/science/art; i always really liked that line & have cribbed the sentiment. some of the monsters are interesting (the scythers & the soldiers) which others are less (madcrafters are a yawn, so are the shadowflayers, thralls, & infiltrators). you know what i'd really like, though? a nautiloid floor plan. it is only a page, guys! some of the other collections of monsters, like the bug guys ushemoi guys? not so impressive. in the end analysis? well, i'm sort of done buying DnD books, since i'll be running a WoD game next campaign. i didn't like it enough to want it despite that, nor would i probably buy it as a dungeon master, but then- i make most of my own monster. i might give it as a gift, & expect that other dms would want it, though. i guess the thing is? if you are comfortable picking the whole "thoon" thing up & slotting it into your game, go for it, but otherwise, there are only a few decent monsters in here. enough to make it worth your while, but not enough to wow me.
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