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one of the things i like to kick around the old imaginary football field from time to time is what sort of changes i'd make to a fourth edition of dungeons & dragons. one of the things that bugs me, in this niggling little way, is the cosmology. it has some very strong points (the division between devils & demons being cardinal among them) but there are weaknesses, too (angels don't make any sense). so from time to time i kind of doodle in my head about things. like-- fey are kind of stupid in dnd. they lack any real place in the cosmology, just sort of dangling there with a neopagany "nature magic" flavor that doesn't quite reach critical mass. so here is my simple pitch to fix angels & faeries in traditional cosmology: make angels lawful good & faeries chaotic good. now, i realize that this goes against my general "wicked faeries" motif, but i'm not talking about what is best for me, i'm talking about what is best for dnd. & it wouldn't be hard to emphasize the chaotic nature of them, & just add an element of flavor to the upper planes that is already present in the lower planes. just my ruminations!

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