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now i'm playing catch-up.

after the library bar, we dawdled around downtown tempe to look for a restaurant & settled on bamboo club without looking at the menu- it is effing hot in arizona & i don't have time to stand around outside of the air conditioning cooking like an egg! that joint was pretty disappointing; the service was crummy, the food was expensive & it wasn't all that great; plus their lycheetinis (a soapy favorite) were pretty shitty. so scratch that place! after that jenny was basically done for the evening, so we called her mother to pick us up & had a few drinks at the local pool hall...where they played "the thong song?"

the next day started with us at barb & chuck's pool. i sat in the sun a little, mostly to get rid of the hybrid reverse-trucker's/farmer's tan, but also darting back to the shade to not end up crisped. in the end, my shoulders got a little scalded, but nothing too terrible. i've been putting some of jenny's goo on them. i also, you know, goofed around holding my breath, doing underwater handstands, whatever sort of stuff you do in a pool. i tried swimming laps at one point, even. when we had our fill of the sun, shirley took jenny & me to go see transformers. i had heard hype from my friends to overcome my initial feelings of distaste, & you know what? it was pretty good. it had the little tips of the hat to the original series (the shot of the vw bug, megatron's arms forming a gun, that sort of thing) that made the changes a lot more palatable, & well, you also can't much complain when optimus prime cuts off the head of a rollerblading construction truck. i was missing latta & welker, but then, at least chris is dead.

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