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you know, i think the dialogue between the harry potter books & films is very interesting. when bellatrix avadra kedavra'd sirius in the film, i had a double-take; i remembered pretty clearly from the book that sirius had "died" in the most non-committal of ways, just sort of falling through the "portal to the underworld" or whatever. in the film though...that is much more of a "death" though still with a bit of wiggle room. the sort of follows from the ...goblet of fire, where the order of who came out of the wand was put to a "correct" formula. it is sort of interesting, this chance that rowling has to kind of back-up on her stories & clarify; a secondary canon if you will. she intended the reader to think sirius more dead than the fandom was taking it, so she firms it up in the movie. she had a sort of reasoning behind the wand-ghosts, & her writing flubbed it, so in the film it comes out "right." i don't know, the whole reflective nature of two popular mediums is fun, & different than so many adapted stories in which someone comes out of it feeling cheated.

i also really like that raistlin & voldemort are the same guy: that is to say they are the losers without any friends who have nothing to do but study all the time, & then become huge jerks & also still losers. those guys are totally great, good for them.

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