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yesterday was jenny's birthday; while she was shopping i went to a bunch of museums with her father. laster, the family started bickering, which was cute. jenny acted like the jenny-brat, & then her dad acted like her dad-brat, & then her mom wasn't helping & really, there is only so far i can stick my monkey wrench in that misery-engine. it seemed like all in good fun till it flipped, & it wasn't anymore. eventually, that untangled, & we went to dinner with her mother & father, aunt & uncle. the place was called "the landmark," & the food was basically just comfort food. it was a relief to eat somewhere that wasn't a chain restaurant, though. after that, we came home, chilled out for a moment, & then went to go see harry potter & the order of the phoenix. i liked it, but the book was my least favorite of the series. i sort of figured i would like the movie more: shitty "nobody understands me!" harry doesn't fly on film for that long. the whole friend reconciliation is such a motif in teen films that i assumed (correctly) that the language of cinema would translate it better than print. here is my one problem though: is it too much to ask that there just be a snape & voldemort movie? seriously, rickman & fiennes just hit their notes so hard. also, i have been thinking more & more about tattoos & sirius black makes it worse.

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