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she was awfully starstruck, shellshocked when i walked in, cowboy hat pulled low. we didn't have much time at the bar (just enough for her to akwardly play the tambourine for the house band & for me to have a beer & a shot) as we were on a three hour jet lag, but when we came back to her parent's, i was able to pull her teddy bear out of my bag. she's left the bear with me for company, but i'm thoughtful as well as hateful. we went off to the deep currents of the river of sleep & nepenthe.

the next morning we left for the white mountains, where we were going to camp. they are about five hours away from tempe, but a lot of that went pretty quickly. the skyline here is vast; flat until a mountain rises up & up. they are mostly extinct old volcanos as i understand it; either way, the mountains i'm used to are the tree covered appalachians, which these most certainly are not. occasonally the tops are crowned in trees, but mostly it is paint & cactci. we drove through a whole mess of them. eventually we reached the old route 666, & i slung the gps & we saavied our way to the site.

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