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ecstasies: deciphering the witches' sabbbath by carlo ginzburg.

i sure do like this guy; as much as you can like a guy you've only read two books by (which is plenty). i used part of this book practically verbatim in my game: there was a letter he quoted that linked jews & lepers together in a plot to poison the water in france; i scribbled out "jews" & "lepers" & inserted more apropriate names but otherwise there is some real spooky inquisition shit there. i find a great deal of his conjecture to be kind of close to flights of fancy, but he always reigns it in at the last moment. & the bit with the monocrepidism? holy cow. the whole link of the lame hero/lame god/lost slipper/underworld is so totally sold to me; i'm actually still a little obsessed with it. that is some top notch action right there. a lot of the names get lost in the mix, as he's chasing after threads, but you can't slip "bensozia" past me, mister ginzburg!
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