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on saturday morning i woke up at four thirty in the morning with jenny "just to be nice & make her coffee." which is crytography for "so i can pack while you're in the shower," because i was on the flight out of jfk right behind hers. i did a little of archetypal association with the transit system ("okay, jfk is the lame king, &c") & before you know it my dweomer wrought true. i did get the full search at the security check point, but then, i always do. like they know. this whole thing was jenny's mother's idea; i got a call while i was getting drinks & aripas with fordmadoxfraud & ranai about a month ago & we've been secret birthday cabal since. the flight was alright, & then i spent most of the day slinking around tempe in a black pointy hat & a black trench coat, king nogoodnik spy. not really though, because it is 115 degrees fahrenheit here; for real. but jenny's father & i ran errands for a while, & then i hung out with jenny's aunt & invincible uncle (he's fought a boar, a deer, & a goat with his hands) until it was time for the reveal. what do they call it in magician lingo? i guess the prestige. i dressed up in disguise & killed time outside the bar waiting for just the right moment.

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