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i had a remote control in with my "junk" stuff that was so old it had a cord. funny, huh?

i just found out the other day that the use of the word "growler," & since i can't stop saying it, i'm going to write about the fourth of july as an excuse to bring up the growler as often as i can. jenny & i spent the morning in a manic feedback loop; just making little vitamin cars & freaking out about nothing in particular. it constantly verged on miserable but never quite left the orbit of fun, so it worked out alright. i watched a few more episodes of the dungeons & dragons cartoon, which is bad in all the right ways; it also has genuinely impressed me by having actual character growth, especially in the case of eric. i think a grimmer remake with eric as "dungeonmaster" is totally in order. eventually we figured out that we'd be going to carla's apartment to watch the fireworks from battery park (on the hudson river) & so jenny & i went down to bierkraft to refill the growler with six point's "sweet action".

we picked up some of brooklyn brewery's "local one" as well, but jenny demured at the cheeses & chocolates, so before long we were up, up & away. carla's apartment building continued to look like a fortified embankment, but i guess being across the street from ground zero you'll kind of get that on "national explosion day" though they were ostensibly just keeping hoi polloi from swarming the private park. carla had made hamburgers & shake-n-bake chicken to give a bbq feel (since the dreary weather, as much as i enjoyed it, didn't really support that sort of outdoors activity) & it went nicely with the beer from the growler. the fireworks were...acceptable? mostly we just saw what was being sent up for new jersey. claudio, carla's dog, was freaking the fuck out; he was disinterested in the lights, but the booming sounds were not to his liking. i figure that for a dog planes/buildings/fireworks must all sort of fold into the "weird lights in the sky" category. i also sang the national anthem with some guys on a balcony. most of the rest of the evening was just robert & i goofing off on his gamecube & occasionally venturing out to chastely kiss our respective girlfriends on the cheek.
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