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at kind of the last minute ravenface said he had some "acting" work for me to do, so i left work early & headed up his headquarters. it is for the horror department series; i've done some other fooling around with him for it, but none of it has seen "air" so to speak. a continuing lark! i don't really know in my brain anything about acting, or my "process," but i suspect it has something to do with being "comfortable." like, i am robotic & awkward until i have internalized everything-- at least, that is how i feel about the plays i've done. it takes all of my brain to remember my lines, for instance, so until that has been digested i can't, for instance, move around the stage...or my arms. my point here is that i think i am approaching doing that quicker; or at least, i have recognized that i do it & that is probably an important step, don't you think? anyhow, filming ended exactly when simon had said it would, which is astonishing & kudos to his skills as a producer. on the way home, monica deduced that jenny calls me "face" as a term of endearment because of jungle woman of the jungle; at first i denied it (three times; i like to!) but when i got home jenny confirmed it. at home jenny made pizza from scratch; white pizza with spinach & asparagus. in reward, i let her open a present.

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