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mouse guard: fall 1152 by david peterson.

i read this before i started doing these little blurbs, but i was looking around my bookshelves this morning & realized that i wanted an excuse to keep talking about it. mouse guard, you see, is very, very good. possibly even bone good, or watership down good; it is certainly of a similar mold. the basic premise is thus: mice are anthropomorphized but nothing else is; when the mice fight a snake? that snake is indistinguishable from a dragon, a hideous writhing serpent thing, dead eyed & devoid of emotion. when the crabs attack? man, crabs. crabs are pretty horrifying, huh? they sure as hell fucking are, & the art sells it. so when the mice whip out their swords & run forward with a battle cry? those are some brave little rodents. kipling would be proud, & for a variety of reasons. i unreservedly like this, & would encourage anyone to read it. the biggest downside is that it seems to (unsurprisingly) take him a long time to write & draw, which means i can't go & get addicted to the spike, because the horse is a long time coming. but when the horse gets here...dangerous mice will leap out & massacre it.
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