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re-gifters by mike carey, sonny liew & marc hempel.

this is the first of the "minx" books that i've read, & i sort of just assume the best of the first batch. first off, mike carey's command of korean-american culture made me check his author photo to see if he was korean; he knew just the tweaks to make to convince me that he knew what he was talking about. when to sprinkle the jargon & when not to, what cultural differences to sell, the whole shebang. anyhow, the book is also just generally a good "girl" book, if you tolerate that sort of thing-- it is sort of the point of the "minx" line so i think it bears at least consideration. dixie, the main character, has both foible & confidence; this is rough in a lot of young adult fiction, let alone those aimed at girls. i think there is no line between the two, here; i buy dixie as a character, & not as a sock-puppet female written by a male writer. & it uses the medium; it is a very comic-book comic, with the sort of fourth-wall bending & graphic storytelling that can bring with it. also it was super cute & basically great. everyone was exactly as they ought to be.
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