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no, really, a wet dream.

the last few days have been little more than doing errands, but that is occasionally the way things have to go. errands may not be as noble as adventure, but they do provide ample excuse to cuddle with your girlfriend, which i am kind of into. sunday i did get together with danielle for a little while, watched a whole mess of movie trailers; basically i'm excited to see all the movies that no one is surprised i am excited to see; your harry potters & his dark materials & stardusts & sundry. then after she left i tried to summon up the focus to start writing things down for my new game, but it fell flat; i guess i need a little more r&r before diving back into the breech. yesterday was laundry day, which i fucking hate; that is the luxury i am most envious of, the washer-drier. what a fucking perk! especially since i drag my heels on laundry till it is a herculean task; when i had a washer & drier around that wasn't the case; i could do just one load! hey, wow, this is an exciting morning diary, in which i talk about laundry. how about that! mostly i'm just killing time till jenny gets out of the shower. i got a bottle of yerba mate, finally. i'd been hankering to drink it since book of the long sun, when i found out what it was, & i knew some of the delis around her carried it; i just needed to remember to pick it up when i was at one that did. anyhow, it tasted unlike the related beverages of coffee & tea, which secures it in the pantheon of beverages for me. nutritional anthropology is a nice little corner to fill it; bernie seems to respond readily to it. now i have to figure out what i'm going to read next; i'm tempted to just go to another tékumel novel, but i probably want to mix it up; i just don't know with what. i might finally read slow river now that nichola griffith has a new one out, or maybe i'll read the autumn of the patriarch which i've also had my eye on.

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