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superman/batman: enemies among us by mark verheiden and ethan van sciver.

so, superman/batman has never been very good, but it is entertaining, at least minimally. silly & off the wall, but sometimes that is okay. i guess this is another example of that, even though it has gotten a new writer since the last time i poked my head in to see how it was doing. this was basically a parade of silver age aliens that i've never heard of in various fights with supes & the bat. maybe somebody with real silver age chops would enjoy seeing ultra the multi-alien, but to me it is just a goofy throw-back. not that i'm hatin', i'm just saying i lack the context to appreciate it. anyhow, the moralizing is also predictable, but superman/batman has always been pretty lame in that regard. just a retread of the same old batman-doesn't-trust-anyone & superman-has-faith-in-mankind story. i wouldn't really pick it up unless "zook" & "titano" are enough of a selling point. though, okay, titano seems pretty cool. hey, remember that time black adam ripped off amazo's head? yeah, nothing to do with anything, just really liked that.
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