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13 bullets by david wellington.

another quick read in the wellington department, but i'll say that this one had a little more teeth, no pun intended: this is his vampire novel. it is a cop story about killing the bloodsuckers, the essential conceit of which is that the world at large just accepts that vampires exist. not a bad little twist, & his vampire mythology shares the same traits as his zombie mythology, which is to say that they evoke the feelings they ought to due to american folklore, while having their own niche that lets you suspend your assumptions. i really liked certain elements that he included, elements from the european folklore that american fiction has left behind. fordmadoxfraud had said that he felt the monster... books explained too much of the "why" behind the zombies, which is traditionally left out of the genre (meteor? comet? radiation? hell too full? who cares!) which he didn't do here. nobody, not even the experts, know why vampires do the things they do, just that they do them. i like a sense of the alien in my "other" so i was pretty into that.

the tone is a step more developed, & he relied more on his skill at evoking a place, which really helped the book. in monster island some of the best parts were the gunfights in the union square virgin megastore, or in other new york landmarks; it anchored the story well. he uses that here in a more generic way; i got the feeling that many of the locations he used were places he was intimately familiar with, even if i wasn't, & it gave a nice bedrock of realism for the supernatural horror to build on.a lot of the plot is pretty telegraphed, but in such a way that i'm easily convinced that even though we as readers can see it coming, the characters cannot.

last night jenny & i made hot dogs, drank too much beer, then i got to 2000 edits on wikipedia, & then slept on the new air mattress. well, she did, i slept on the couch next to her. not recommended! although i suppose a shorter individual might not find it as sucktacular as myself. the dreams i had slipped away, which is a shame, because i recall them being very interesting. i think i was dreaming about neanderthals. so maybe it is an omen! i have a pretty big pet peeve about neanderthals, actually: i hate them being portrayed as stupid. it is such a weird bias that hangs on due to obsolete notions of directional evolution. they've got bigger brains: that is the fact we're working with! jenny likes the notion that sexual equality doomed the neanderthals, or rather the sapiens division of labour, which isn't a bad theory. i used to favor interbreeding, but mitochondrial evidence contradicts that, leaving me out in the cold. anyhow, i think about it. a lot.

this morning it was so fucking hot, i thought i'd get iced tea. it made my stomach ache.
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