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who shot brandon lee?

emperor joker (mostly) by jeph loeb & ed mcguinnes
i guess the point being made here is that comics shouldn't be shoe-horned into a corner. okay, that is fine. comics can be funny! but man, this was really fucking long. there were a few put-down-the-book-tell-a-friend jokes that just were genius pieces of absurdism (superman: "but...everyone knows 2 + 2!) but man, it was really, really long. just as thick as a phone book, which is a long time to basically just run a mad magazine riff. & i mean, personal preference, but i want the joker to be deeply fucking disturbed, not just a goofy caricature, though i think the line in...maybe it was teen titans? anyhow, the line where dick-grayson-nightwing was talking to tim-drake-robin & said "it was easier back then. there was even a couple of years where the joker stopped killing people & it was like there was this brilliant clown running around..." yeah, i liked that line, but what is with the mxyzptlk & joker storylines, jeph? isn't that the conceit of a superman/batman storyline you wrote, too? sure, the whole serial killer thing is kind of done to death, but look at dini over there! writing his secret-joker stories! anyhow, i'm ranging away from the subject. i definitely recommend this for a read: it is a couple of chuckles in a box. the whole serious comic thing still deserves having a few holes poked in its bubble but it also isn't the nineties anymore. dig?

p.s. studio 60 fucking sucks. we cooked hot dogs, though!
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