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monster planet by david wellington
i periodically get jealous of pravda's book reviewing, & sitting here with fordmadoxfraud grumbling about how she's bogarting a good idea made us both decide to start doing it.

i like wellington a lot; his writing isn't dense or even very complex, but that is fine. i sort of summed his books up as sort of post-teen fiction, which i don't mean as a condemnation. they are light reads though, which helps if you are just looking for something to pass the time. his whole monster... trilogy was pretty great, & had me sold the even before the druid bog mummy showed up. without going into it, he brings some new takes to the zombie mythos that are worth a look at.

this last one was a pretty fitting cap, though i have to confess to not being able to weave all of the threads together, having had a while to forget the details of monster nation. that said, there was plenty that did chime, & chime unobtrusively. certain portions i would have liked expanded on (like the submarine), & others i thought were a little too much (like the world-of-skulls), but i got what i wanted out of it & after putting it down i picked up 13 bullets, so colour me a fan.

yesterday i also went to bierkraft & got a jug of six points apollo wheat. a big jug. it is very peachy & pretty good. so i guess as jenny said, we are one of those households that uses their jug to get refills of microbrewed beer, now. i don't mind; it is kind of a fun adventure, a fun thing to do.
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