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danger girl, danger girl, why won't you sleep with me?

you drink your ink long enough, like a good spider monkey, & eventually the grip comes on like stripes on a candy cane. you get that grind, up from a deep well inside you, stone sliding on stone; the bottom a contraption of blood-hungry gears & cogs. or sometimes a tall black building filled with glass jar after glass jar; float where you will. the grapes or olives marring the sapphire, dappled little bubbles? those black flaws are trying to tell you something, something that of old was strong, that moved heaven. undulating waves of the slime, or glass frozen in time. shot glass blues, or shot gun, or other guns, skittering under beds & into closets. from you or your candy wife. & you keep burying yourself alive, or cutting down limbs from the tree & burying them. polish your broken hate & call a shiv a sword, a heart a blister, an egg sac of spiders. cannons in a hill fort for all the world a crown; the bunker loneliest. that's not a knife, this is a knife, or something very much like it. you can call me skin but i'm more burlap than the bogyman, professional scarecrow. hang me up, hang me down. i'll spook thought & memory from here & the letters i get will swirl. here is said the king of seid, baby.

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