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which had the wound by a sword, & did live

"the secret of the labyrinth was deceptively simple: there was a monster in it. but many have wandered in it for too long a time before understanding that the monster was them." these are the words spoken by the mahdi, the beast. his words to you now are "fiat nyx." spread out through-out the world until it all is your maze, until this world matches the oubliette in which he madly dreams. dreams of buildings, black on the outside & white on the inside. of magog & the memory of ife, which is caeli. of bodies hung from the steeple of the temple, of a language where the word for "minaret" & "gallows" is the same. the princes, & below them the royals, & below them the sovereigns. he has laid out the puzzle, & the crooked edges of it are your swords. rise up against the dweller on the threshold & cut the silver cord. the world is hollow & so too are the heavens.

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