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& he had two horns like a lamb, & he spake as a dragon.

we grew up in the spacehulk, but we just assumed everyone lived like that: with dark, airless hallways sealed off with iron, with windows out to nowhere the closest we got to sky. it still gives me the shivers: sky. the spacehulk was big, real big, & those gangs of us that lived in it had plenty of room to fight & fuck & make-up & do it all again. territory, sure, it was the most important thing, but only because what did the spacehulk need a crew for? i'm still not even sure if it had ever had a crew, or if we were just freight, or parasites, or what. somebody i met who'd never been on the spacehulk? he said that sometimes these big fish, only he said they weren't fish, but anyhow, these big fish would sometimes throw themselves onto the land to die. beached, he'd say they were called.

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