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how's your hover parts?

i can't get youtube to acknowledge my diary, which means i can't embed the unico videos as i've been wanting to do, so let me just sum it up for you. this was a big part of my childhood television; until last week when danielle figured it out for me, i thought i would never get an answer to the niggling memories of the cartoon. unico is a baby unicorn, & is disgustingly saccharine. so sweet & innocent that wherever he goes, peace & agape love begin to flourish. plus he can grant wishes. anyhow, the gods (who look like a clutch of yhwh caricatures, all halos & white beards) declare that the think happiness should only be earned through years of hard work & suffering, so they send the west wind to exile unico to the hill of oblivion. so the west wind kidnaps unico from his mother, but takes pity on him & leaves him hidden in the mists at the end of the world. that is where he meets beezil, who is the new devil of solitude. anyhow, everytime unico uses his powers, the gods take note, & send the night wind to assassinate him, so the west wind has to keep moving him; & each time she erases his memory.

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