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integration is a nice potential feature of society building. cultural diffusion & enculturation are strong mechanics for meme entanglement, & that is really the level where my social darwinist tendencies lie. which makes me wonder what the best tactic for enculturating those kids last night would have been. as ranai & i were grabbing some dinner at the ale house on sixth (6th), the police started to put up a blockage across the street, which reminded me that the brooklyn lgbt parade was in an hour or so, so we gathered our food into our bellies & went up to watch. while waiting for it, danielle totally made a wine expert think she knew all about wine. anyhow, there were a bunch of young kids next to us, who i think had sort of snuck away from the seventh (7th) day adventist church. so while the parade was going by, & everybody was waving their glow sticks or tooting their whistles, they were all "hey mister, you gay?" "hey mister, the parada, it's funny, right?" et cetera (&c). my decision at the time was to play it cool. you know, act like boys who do boys isn't really a big deal. because it isn't. that being a role model was the best road to hoe, i guess. "no, i'm not gay, but some of my friends are in the parade. it is pretty fun though, i agree." even though none of my friends were in the parade, i wasn't going to say "some of my best friends are." anyhow! that is my story of how i tried to infect sexual tolerance on some rapscallions.

carla & pravda were getting dinner at cocotte, so danielle & i slunk down there in the drizzle to see if we could sneak in to join them; i thought they were in the wine bar section, but they were not! it turned out that they were just waiting for the change from their check, so we stuck around & then (after a detour for candy) it was back to our place for the sangria that jenny had made last night. & the raspberry vodka i picked up. & the citrus rum we had left over from a few days ago. there was much, much to much karaoke being done (thanks for nothing "oxygen on demand"!) & for a little bit i had to set myself apart in protest (i read mouse guard while some harpies crooned "wind beneath my wings"). eventually robert came over, & you know, we all hung out, until about one (1 am) when we called carla & cab & then jenny & i tucked into bed for some carnal activities.

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