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man, i'm pretty pissed off. fucking around at the store today destroying a mop handle (that we have, for the past year, been using as a lightsaber) i fucked up my hand. not bad or anything, but blood enough to warrant some bandages & holding above heart-level (herzogen-levelen). anyhow, when i took my crooked mitt to the gym tonight it decided to start leaking blood through the bandage, & since i've got a jenny to take care of me, she made me go home. stupid stupid hand creatures! i was all geared up to no-sleep-till-brooklyn the gym tonight. now i'm stuck inside managing my dnd group. i don't want to go into the details of how one pc's use of the modified dark speech feat (or as i like to think of it, "the anti-life equation") made all the players get tense, or how i pomo'd the player/character dichotomy (hint: dick dm) but it is bubbling. two more sessions, people! then mike's game gets into swing: i'm going to finally get some use out of my savage species (unfair! i use feats, powers, & magic items from there all the time) & play an astral deva. except...what the fuck is up with the astral deva rules in there? astral devas didn't even grow to be large sized in 3.0 (three point oh)! & yet i can't find any errata on it. queer, right?

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