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we are not now that strength that in old days moved heaven & earth.

adventure wednesday! kind of a scrub, truth be told. the plan we laid down in a tarot cross was green-wood cemetery & then to danielle's flat for consumption of liquid depressants. the first hole in that bird was when we pieced together, forensics style, that green-wood closed at four post-meridian (4 pm). from there, danielle locking her keys in her apartment was just icing. anyhow, while david & i were walking through the slope i hit upon my fix for the whole house of m / 198 debacle: secondary mutations. give everymutie their powers back, but give them all a secondary mutation. it lets you rehash classic tropes, pull together old story threads into a contiguous whole (the marvel illusion of continuity), & most of all lets you hit the reset button while still maintaining some punch to the event.

when the three of us stormcrows finally gathered together, the belly rumblings took over & we cruised on over to get some indian grub. we were going to do some magazine quiz to pass the time, but it was a little bit too much one-fish two-fish red-fish blue-fish for our tastes. jenny had called earlier about our odds of just ending up back at our apartment: the other two said one in three (1:3) but i had a much more modest fifty-fifty (50/50). so yeah, the wolf howled, the owl ulf'ed, & we sacraficed a black puppy at the crossroads & wee-wee-wee all the way home. at my place, jenny was waiting to teach us how to make origami cranes: mine came out pretty well, but i can see how making a thousand (1000) could be worth a ninth (9th) level spell. then the cranes all tried to nest in david's shirt & lay eggs in his belly!

the evening was still television oriented. not so much adventure after all! though i sort of count the act of getting together as credit: i mean, willing adventure wednesdays into existence has taken its first step. danielle was pretty excited that rob & big was set in mississippi. i'll tell you, i used to hate it that jenny would watch that crap, but after the time travel episode, i have to admit that they've charmed me. other than that we just watched brookyln cable access television (BCAT) of a dance-hall party, even more drunkenly watched the mtv movie awards, & then jenny tucked off to bed, while we drunkenly watched american gladiators & got rowdy. despite an utterly mundane evening, it was pretty fun, so who wants to speak ill of it? except me; i'll speak ill of anything; i'm lucky they let me put an apostrophe in when i contract "i will" ("i'll"), & even that just barely. i'm a right apostate fuck, but then, that's what you get when you kick the loyal opposition out of the club.

the cyclical calendar of old pard
cthonic patron     year of (the)     empyreal patron
(herat)                    pentacles        (makke)
(een dragcht)         nymph             (ankya)
(daugh)                    woad              (vinca)
(gorgos)                 chimera           (aeschlan)
(etis)                         hand               (hexes)
(bensozia)             succubus        (ozmadere)
(ashtar)                      ivory              (mnethis)
(iopa re)                    monk             (gan)
               (nod)                   serpent           (crom cruach)
(uruluru)                    hag                (lith)
(gnom)                     vellum             (jule)
(croatoan)                 ghost             (ultima)
Tags: dnd, oubliette

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