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“You know what I wish? I wish that I was able to post a Live ___ I have my book my expo of America, yeah Jenny also wishes that. I have my book expo of America post all made my books obtained which I didn't get that much slug although I'm happy with the stuff I did get & I got a million pounds of catalogues, & then I have another 1 about all drilling platforms because what's better than all drilling platforms, they feature pretty prominently in a pretty foreign ___ game I ran & I wanna figure out if I can use them some more because it turns out I'm a little enchanted with them. Other than that, I've just been arguing on Wikipedia manual style about exceptional titles & how type setting should be presented in an article, for instance I think that house, in the first instance of house of leaves in the article should be with the ___ house in blue, the people disagree with me, I think that the textual ___ of the title is included in the body of the work of art & should be portrayed as such. Wikipedias manual style only has guide lines for trade marks not for titles. I think that maybe commercial ___ & works of art should be treated differently, other people think that that's a ridiculous opinion I think that they're all ridiculous.”

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