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my fists are called "mysterious" & "ways"

spending today hiding from the cruel, cruel world. last night was...well, what can i say about last night with any certainty? we showed up at nurse bettie's a little bit before five to champagne, then moved to the special cocktails of the bar; blue betties, davidtinis, ginger martinis, alqonquins, night nurses. eventually i told everyone to order six drinks every time they got one, & hand them out. that was my cunningly wrought plan! then everyone began throwing up on themselves, & we had a very hard time finding a taxi that would take our drunk asses home. i am still very confused by all the people dribbling in late: i mean, you paid for all three hours! by the end, well, i think pretty much everyone had their fill (except for the two sick birds). so, yes, today has been a day indoors-- the one time i ventured outside, to get breakfast, i became filled with the paranoid suspicion that everyone was watching me. watching me. so far we've watched casino royale & now have running with scissors on. i very much liked casino royale. i had my doubts about daniel craig (mostly i wanted alexis denihoff or clive owen for the new bond) but everyone who told me i would like it was correct. the violence is violent, which both jenny & i liked. thuggish james bond is my hero; i want more blood soaked spies. this fucking augustin burroughs movie though, not so much. i wanted a comedy! i wanted, i'll be honest with you, i wanted borat. or at least tenacious d: the pick of destiny.

now to steal from ranai!

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